Nov 232011

Past week, I’ve attended LinuxCon Brazil as speaker. It took place in São Paulo, 17 and 18 November 2011. Despite not having a huge number of attendees, it was definitelly great in presentations quality.

Keynotes were interesting, relating the 20 years of Linux under many point of views, and previewing Linux’s future for the next 10 months ;). Linus Torvalds confidence about Secure Boot failure drawn my attention. He defends his point considering users need, and want freedom, even in a unconscious way.

The event was plenty of good talks, as the given by Lennart Poettering, about systemd, a system and service manager, which I only had heard about previoulsy, so it was nice as an opportunity to learn a lot about it, and GNOME 3 presentation, given by Tobias Muller. It always worth to see what competitors are doing =D.

I’ve presented “Application Development using Enlightenment Foundation (EFL)” together with my co-worker Rafael Antognolli. We’ve made an overview of the libraries, webkit, gave some development tips, and talked about some products done at ProFUSION using EFL, as Electrolux’s I-Kitchen softwares, and Endeavour, a browser under development, sponsored by FINEP. Below you can see slides of our presentation, also available as PDF:

Other 3 talks were given by ProFUSION guys. Demarchi explained how to become a Free Software developer, focused on students and other newcomers. Gustavo Barbieri presented “Tips and Tricks to Develop Software for CE product on Low-End Hardware”, and “Demystifying HTML5″ with Sulamita Garcia (Intel). By the way, when the event started, was announced that ProFUSION became a member of Linux Foundation. Congrats!

Another nice point about attending this conference was the opportunity of knowing some guys from IBM, INDT, Samsung, and talking to some University colleagues I didn’t meet by the last 4 years or so.

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