Sep 112012

Escape From Booty Bay (efbb) is the newest game made using the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. It’s a physics puzzle game in which players operate a cannon to stop pirates escaping from the prison. As players advance through the game levels, difficulty increases and new challenges are placed, like firing against moving targets.

The main goal of this game is to test and demonstrate the usage of EPhysics. EPhysics is a library that integrates the EFL and Bullet Physics. More details can be found at this post.

I’ve being working on this game here at ProFUSION with Ricardo de Almeida Gonzaga (software developer) and Marina Proni (designer), while Leandro Dorileo and I continued the development of EPhysics, adding new features and fixing bugs. Great job, team!

Its initial version reached SVN last week, and can be checked out with:

svn co

Building instructions are on the INSTALL file.

In case of doubts, #edevelop at Freenode is a good place to ask.

Bug reports, patches and new levels are very welcome.

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  1. This game uses and the Fedora 17 package is crashing. Please compile your own version and report a bug to Fedora package with the backtrace (I’m not running fedora, just informing people of the crashes I’ve been told)

  2. Hi,

    Waw I’ve played efbb and… very good game 🙂 good illustration of efl use! I hope to see more games and apps based on EFL like these one!

    On another way, Eskiss is very cool too…I recommend to try it.


  3. Just make a simple framework and code templates and you’ll have a great game engine for Linux…

  4. […] Dilly has written about the EPhysics development, take a look at his post about the Escape From The Booty Bay – a physics puzzle game. Theres also a blog post announcing the EPhysics project, his posts present […]

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