Sep 092016

Soletta Project was accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2016!

Not only we were accepted as also we received lots of cool proposals from students and 3 slots.

It was my first time as an org admin. I’ve participated before as mentor and as student (a long time ago). And it was amazing. Most Soletta developers got excited with our acceptance and step’ed up as possible mentors and contributed nice ideas to our pool.

We had 5 or 6 really good proposals and some contributions to the project before proposals selection. We’ve chosen the following proposals / students:

  • Go binding, by Vladimir Cernov. He was mentored by Flavio Ceolin and Caio Marcelo.
  • Lightweight Machine-to-Machine (LWM2M) protocol implementation, by Bruno Melo. He was mentored by Guilherme Iscaro.
  • Autocomplete for Soletta-Dev-App (the web IDE), by Kamidi Preetham, mentored by Bruno Bottazzini.

Detailed proposals may be found here.

All of them performed well, delivering everything on time, participating in the community, helping with reviews and bug fixes. All the work was reviewed and merged. I hope they enjoyed this opportunity as much as we did and learned a bit about open source software development.

I would like to thank everybody involved and to congratulate the students for the nice job.

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