May 132011
I’m migrating the game Nines Time from github to our beloved svn repository. Tonight, finally, I had time to fix the last 2 known bugs and substitute an image for something a bit less fugly. My hope is that, being there, more people will notice its existence, using it like an example of python bindings usage, will play it, and (who knows) maybe contribute to make it better.
Nines Time is a game about digit 9 tyranny over the other digits. You are a 6 undercovered for years studying the 9s and providing information for your HQ so you could stop them, but your arms fail after years of handplant and you need to survive for 9 minutes until your pals rescue you. What’s your weapon? Math, dude! You need to operate the number trying to get you.
It started as an entry for last month PyWeek, as jprvita already mentioned on his blog, when I “worked” with him, acidx and antognolli. Actually, it was more about fun than anything else. Using efl python bindings is really straight-forward. If you’re interested on the development process during the challenge, there’s a diary.
Some people complained about the chosen music. It’s Priya’s Journey fault for not recording anything so far 😉
Check out right now and enjoy:
svn co 

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  1. Muito legal! Parabéns!

  2. Nice game!

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