A few words about Editje

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Nov 242010

You probably know that EFL is reaching version 1.0, consequently more people will be interested on them, and we’ll need a nice documentation. Documenting the libraries and softwares that we maintain is one of our priorities now. As I was writing about Editje on enlightenment wiki I decided to blog a bit about it.

Editje is a tool for designing and building graphical user interfaces quickly and easily. It’s an WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for Edje files, making possible to create very rich GUI using Edje parts, including external objects, like Elementary widgets and Emotion. But it’s much more than a tool to simple set parts positions and their properties, you can create animations and define the interaction via signals.

It provides three edition modes:

  • part mode: where you can compose your interface: adding, removing and changing parts and their states;
  • animations mode: enable you to set frames in a timeline and to define frame and part state details;
  • signals mode: make it possible to manage signals, that in Editje is the way of interact easier with the UI using messages exchange.

And when you may want to test what you have done so far, you can just click the Run button and interact with your interface 😉

If you are interested, you can look at Editje user’s manual made from some developers at Profusion: glima, Sachiel, masaki and tiago – nice work, guys. It’s provided as pdf or html and it’s source is kept on project’s repository.

Editje is written in python, it’s a free software released under GPLv3 and it can be checked out from enlightenment project repository.