New ProFUSION’s site built with nanoc

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Jan 052012

Hi there. New ProFUSION’s site is live at! OK, kind of old news, but the new news is that it was made with nanoc.

nanoc is a nice tool to build small static websites. <joke> Sure, it’s written on Ruby, it won’t scale </joke>. It helps to convert articles written in Markdown language (making it easier to add posts), lay out pages, and has some helpers to common tasks like sorting posts and filtering stuff. Also, writing extra helpers is easy, even for non Rubyists.

But why moving from Drupal to a static website?

Ok, it’s faster to serve static HTML pages. But it wasn’t the main reason.

Actually, using Content Management Systems is time consuming, since you have to setup lots of things and update it all the time. And unless you already know the CMS you are using, you will spend a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to do what you want. In the other side, almost everybody here in the company already knows HTML and CSS, so anybody can change things quickly.

Another good reason is it is safer to host static websites. We had some security issues with Drupal recently.

If you are interested in knowing more about it, check the project’s page and wiki. Also, take a look at some sites made with nanoc, as Myst Online and Antognolli’s blog.